Langmuir trough module for DCAT 25

dcatHave you ever thought that you can add a Langmuir-Trough for the measurement of Surface Pressure to your standard Force-Tensiometer? This  feature you can find within the DataPhysics Instruments DCAT 25 accessory range.


With the Langmuir trough module LTMr it is possible to study monolayers at temperatures up to 90 °C. The software dependent functions require the software modules DCATS 31 and DCATS 38. The Langmuir trough module consists of the following components:

trough module with software controlled stepper motor for symmetrical movement of the barriers in order to decrease or increase the monolayer area
trough made of PTFE TFM
two barriers made of PTFE TFM
Pt100 temperature sensor

The optional dip coater is available in two variants. Either with a clamping mechanism for samples or a vacuum pump attachment in order to generate coatings according to the Langmuir Blodget or the Langmuir Schaefer method, respectively.

The optionally available Langmuir trough barriers LT-IB are intended for interfacial monolayers. The two barriers are made of PTFE TFM and feature a cut-out for the upper phase.

(The Langmuir trough module LTM is only compatible with the DCAT 25 or DCAT 25SF)