Product Focus: RHEOLASER Crystal

rheolasercrystalLooking at the technical description of the RHEOLASER Crystal it tells us it is a new thermal analysis instrument that can detect changes in the microstructure ( phase transition, melting or crystallisation ) of a liquid or solid sample. What does that actually mean in practise, and how is that information useful ? In this short article I will attempt to explain that.

Firstly the RHEOLASER Crystal can handle sample size of 0.05 g to 5 g making sample handing and loading much easier than traditional DSC instruments. Operation is also very simple with single click analysis and intuitive temperature set-up.

But what do you do with the results ? It can be as easy as comparing the melting points of different margarines ( read more) or evaluating the future stability of chocolate( read more) or accelerating aging tests for cosmetics like lipstick( read more).

So be comparing melting points between various products we can learn how the change in microstructure impacts on practical use ( as is the case with margarine) or determine the future stability of chocolate or even cosmetics like lipstick.

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