Turbiscan Classic, Lab , Tower or AGS - which model is best for me ?

turbiscanfam2by1Looking at the 4 models ( Turbiscan Classic 2/ Lab/ Tower/ AGS) it is easy to get confused and the natural question is to ask which model is best for me ? This article will attempt to give greater clarity on the differences between the models and the unique features each model offer.

All 4 models scan a liquid or paste sample for instability by detecting very small changes in sample concentration or size in tiny slices of the sample in a glass tube. This technology (invented by Formulaction back in the 1990's) offers an objective, reliable and above all quick way to decide if a product or formulation is stable or unstable. In most cases product stability is determined in 2 to 5 days at most. Multiple measurements is made over minutes to hours (depending on the sample).

The Turbiscan Classic 2 is the entry level instrument and offers the basic stability measurement without temperature control. The instrument software includes basic analysis tools to compare samples and investigate any instability ( like creaming, sedimentation or coalescence/ flocculation). It can only measure one sample at a time.

The Turbican Lab offers all the capabilities of the Classic 2 and adds temperature control from about 30 °C to 60 °C. It also adds the Turbiscan Stability Index which is a simple number to compare similar samples in terms of stability. The higher the number the more unstable the sample. It also measures one sample at a time.

The Turbiscan Tower offers all the functions of the Turbiscan Lab and can measure up to 6 samples in sequence (as it has 6 sample bays). So the user can load up to 6 samples on the instrument and compare the results between the samples after an appropriate amount of time.

The Turbiscan AGS is a 54 position auto sampler connected to a Turbiscan Lab and its own dedicated software. So it offers the highest level of automation and samples can be replaced with new samples as the previous experiment is completed. The auto sampler offers temperature control in 3 separate trays allowing the user to set up 3 unique sample temperatures at a time.

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