Product Focus : RHEOLASER Master

rheolasermaster191141The RHEOLASER Master is an instrument that uses a technique called MS-DWS ( Multi-Speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy) to probe the visco-elastic properties of a liquid or gel-like sample.

What is MS-DWS?

Multi-Speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy is a technique that uses a ligh source to track the change in postion of tiny particles in a liquid or gel . From this movement a displacement curve over time is polotted which in turn in used to calculate elasticity , liquid/ solid like behaviour. gel point  and the viscosity index of samples. Learn More

So what makes this instrument usefull to you as potential user ?

MS-DWS is a no contact , non-destructive technique which means the rheology of the sample is measured at rest with no artifical forces applied .

What makes this technique usefull ?

Well for fragile samples it means we can measure the change in the viscosity or visco-elastice properties ( liquid / solid behaviour) without changing the sample by applying an additional stress to it.

Clcikc  on the links for some nice application articles for investigating joghurt, toothpaste and cement.

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