New contact angle measuring system for macroscopic and microscopic structures

The OCA 200 is the new model of the OCA series for contact angle measurements on large areas as well as on micro-structured samples. With the trendsetting 10-fold high performance zoom optics and the reliable automatic optic alignment for autofocus and observation angle, the OCA 200 is well equipped for any sample size.

Exchanging additional ancillary lenses, like with the predecessor OCA 100 / 100Micro has become unnecessary, due to the extended zoom range of the optics.

Hence, with the motorized sample table and the autofocus, measuring procedures can be automated easily and surface properties, like the wetting behaviour, the surface energy or the work of adhesion can be analysed e.g. across the whole surface of a silicon wafer at the push of a button.

A simple rotation of the zoom ring on the optics is enough to enable the analysis of microscopic structures like the mesh of a coronary stent and with the picolitre dosing system PDDS even contact angles on individual wires of the stent can be measured. Read More