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Topic: Sterility Assurance Applied to Stem Cell Therapies

Description: Cell therapies and regenerative medicines require a high degree of informed control in order to ensure that their quality are maintained batch after batch. Official guidance in the United States and Europe must be combined with a current working knowledge of best practices. Such knowledge will enable innovators to build production systems with confidence. This webinar examines the implications of Good Manufacturing Practice legislation/guidance and the role of Quality Assurance in the generation of safe and effective cell-based therapeutics.

Date @ Time : 11 Sep 2019 10h00

Presenter: Gilberto Dalmaso, PhD


Topic: Vaccines characterization

Description: Enhanced immunogenicity by controlling stability and redispersion properties.During this webinar, I will focus on recently published method to study redispersion capabilities of vaccines. I will explain how understanding stability and dispersion properties of vaccines can help improve immonugenicity. The case study will showcase our solution to characterize diserpsions (stability, sedimentation,…

Date @ Time : Pre-recorded

Presenter: Yoann Lefeeuvre