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Replacing Settle Plate with Active Air Sampling

Description: This webcastwill discuss current scientific knowledge around active air/automated vs. passive air/settle plate microbial monitoring as part of a routine environmental monitoring procedure.

Date @ Time : 13 Nov

Presenter: Dr. Frank Panofen / Heather Mason


Topic: Complete Coating Characterisation

Description: The webinar reviews sensitive methods for the characterization of coating formulations. We present application examples for stability and redispersion analysis using Turbiscan instruments, an efficient method for viscosity determination using our microfluidic rheometer FluidicamRHEO and we explain how RheolaserCOATING can help you determine characteristic times of coating drying in a non-contact manner.

Date @ Time : Pre-recorded

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Aiche Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, 10-15 November

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