Particle Shape Analysis

Particle Shape Analyzers for Particle Size and Shape Analysis

Particle Image Analyzer

Morphologi G3

The Morphologi G3 provides an advanced yet easy to use particle characterization tool for the measurement of particle size and particle shape from 0.5 microns to several millimetres.

In one instrument it offers the flexibility required for R&D and troubleshooting applications, and user-independent results and the validation required for automated QC analysis. The technique is often used in conjunction with laser diffraction particle sizing, to gain a deeper understanding of product or process behaviour.

Laboratory Analysis

Lab Equipment

Sysmex FPIA-3000

Designed with the needs of a busy QC lab in mind, the FPIA 3000 makes size and shape analysis of particles in suspension a straightforward and routine task. All of the sample preparation, measurement and cleaning can be taken care of by the instrument itself. Equally the unparalleled image quality and flexible software makes it a highly effective R&D tool.  Measures materials from 0.8µm to 300µm.

Lab Instruments