Liquid Particle Counting


Pamas S40 series

A portable particle counter for lab or field use.
It can measure samples from a bottle (ambient
pressure to 6 bar) or online (3 – 420 bar).
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Pamas Syringe Bottle Sampler System ( SBSS)

The PAMAS SBSS is the standard instrument used
as a reference in many testing labs especially for batch sampling. The instrument may be
programmed to measure a sample without the
need of an operator, like pre-filling the internal
dead volume, degassing the sample with vacuum,
pressurising the sample for a number of
measurement runs, and relieving pressure at the
end. High accuracy and repeatability, fast purging
and back flush are the key benefits of the
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Pamas S50/S50P
Low cost online (S50) particle counter that

automatically compensates for sample flow during
measurement. The S50P uses a ceramic pump to
control sample flow to 25 ml/min and to sample
at ambient pressure from sample bottles.

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